In which I sob like a little bitch


* Riku
* Itachi
* David from A.I., Artificial Intelligence

* Chuck Bass
* Zuko
* Dobby/Fred Weasley
* US x UK, American Revolution
* Spock

Riku is still the clear winner. OH GOD, RIKUUUU. Itachi is very very very close behind him. They actually make me tear up.

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Bloody Genius

In which I am amazed, there are MORE gay men and I get FUCKING buzzed

Been awake around 30+ hours now har har! All just to write my 800 word assignment for Classics. Ended up writing 1000+ words lol! I drank so much coffee I could feel my teeth vibrating. I jerked and twitched like a mad motherfucker doped on LSD all through the night, but at least I wrote it all in twelve hours. It's not like I like putting myself through the bender with every essay and assignment, it's just that I actually find it extremely difficult to write without a deadline looming over me. Only in the last few hours do I get all these creative juices flowing. A side effect of all this deadline-looming-crazy is that I find the inspiration to write fics. Mostly to procrastinate, but at least I use my time creatively right?

Speaking of, the other essay I wrote, which is just shy of 2000 words was also written in a day, and surprisingly, I got an A. I fully expected to get a pass at best, all doom and gloom when I handed it in, and so was thoroughly pleased with my result. Hurrah!

Sitiing at the bus stop today I saw two Asian boys walk by, and one of them had a shirt with an arrow pointing at the other guy, and the words "THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND." I mean, REALLY? REALLY? What the cuss is going on in this world.

Christ. I need to sleep.

Oh and for some reason LJ was reading that horrible story I wrote three years ago. I was thinking of taking it down, but LJ told me not to. I wonder. Is he going to show it to Carmen lol? XD Haha best way to fuck him over actually. A nice way to ease her into the situation with which she has found herself in. "Carmen, you see... you're a beard." XDDD

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In which I need an intervention

Wow I've been so obsessed with Sherlock lately. It's crazy. It's gotten to the point where I prolly need an intervention or something. My hard drive is choking on the sudden influx of Sherlock pictures, episodes and fanfiction and audio fics. God, I even downloaded the unaired pilot episode of Sherlock. And LOTS of photos of Benedict Cumberbatch (or, Cucumberbitch, haha).

>> God I need help. Or not really, I'm just happy in my shiny new fandom.

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Alice Underwater

In which my psych lecturer advocates weed and there are more gay men

Today I walked into my psychology lecture just in time to hear my lecturer tell the 200+ people at large there that it was okay to use marijuana (occasionally). Because it's minor self-medication in order to cope with depression or whatnot. And then he proceeds to tell us that the drugs that psychologists give us are almost no better than placebos. What is important is the 'placebo effect' which works even with real drugs. So thanks, John Read, you really help us uni students take stock of the real world.

But then, he's actually pretty awesome, because he's telling us about how he went against the Ministry of Health about the case of using electric shock therapy. He sent them a letter asking them to show him some evidence that electric shock therapy worked and saved lives. They replied telling him that there is in fact, NO EVIDENCE. But they claim that psychologists retain the right to exercise their own judgements on the method of therapy. And they, in turn, asked him to send them evidence that the shock therapy causes irreparable brain damage etc, which seems all rather bitchy to me. He sent them a box full of research. Eventually, he gets a call from the government, telling him that the Vice Chancellor wants to talk to him about a complaint made by the Ministry of Health. This is very significant shit, because the government almost never interferes with academic stuff, it's called academic freedom or such, and academia has almost free reign over most things related to them. The Ministry of Health actually tried to complain about how the research papers he sent them were only arguing one side. John went to the Vice Chancellor and showed him the letter that there was no other side to argue. So John told the Ministry of Health, in polite academic terms, to "fuck off." His words, not mine.

And Janet, this is for you. As I was walking down the aisle of the lecture theatre, I happened to come across this guy avidly reading manga on his fancy new ipad. I got closer and saw it was one of those pretty-boy shounen-but-it's-really-shoujo mangas. You know, those that have these terribly subtle (NOT) hints of BL between a conveniently all male cast. What is happening to the world?

You have to wonder though, if a male protagonist with a cast of females is called a harem, and the reverse is a reverse harem, then what do you call a male protagonist with a male cast? Orgy?

Overheard of the day:
Worried boyfriend to girlfriend: "So has your thing come yet?"
Nonchalant girlfriend: "Nah. It's like a day or two late. Don't worry about it."
Freaking out boyfriend: "Oh god you're sure? Shit, fuck, you're serious? Does this mean-"
Exasperated girlfriend: "It's a uterus, not a fucking metronome."


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Revolution Hearts

In which men read yaoi on the bus and saxy David is too awesome

So I got on the bus today on the way home, when I sit next to this nerdy looking Asian guy with a striped dress shirt and too-large sports jacket, with somewhat oily hair and dandruff on his shoulders. Otaku, it said to me, and he even had a PSP in hand, and he seemed to have been rather preoccupied with some sort of text on the screen.

After settling myself in, I decide to glance over to see what he was reading (I'm very good at seeing peripherally, so, yeah, I'M WATCHING YOU) and to my honest surprise, it was yaoi. YAOI. At least the man had taste. It was SasuNaru, though from the bit I'd gleaned it seemed pretty vanilla and all. But still, on the whole, it was all rather wtf.

As I sat there, I was texting Niko about the treacherous road to fangirling, which led him to be reminded of Saxy David (because he plays the saxophone like a muthafucka and he's too damn charming. And yes, we both have a crush on David, we can't help it. He stalked us first!). He said that David had just posted some pictures of himself with his cat, and our conversation went like this:

Me: "I love how fangirling just leads you to think of Saxy David. And aw, kitties! That's adorable. Shows his sensitive side eh? Devastating charm, that boy has, it's a wonder the girls at school can stand it without their bodices ripping themselves off.
Niko: XD

David is about the epitome of cool. Last time, there was this situation where David was unfairly treated by the manager at some Countdown, and not only was he threatened with abuse, but the guy also said things like "We're closed, can't you read? Do you need a translator?" which was pretty racist am I right? So David goes back to Countdown in the morning to complain, and all Countdown did was to give him $50. David said "I don't want your money, all I wanted was some respect." Which, I mean, unf. He probably followed that proclamation with some soulful bluesy tunes on his wicked Saxophone and won over the crowd completely. I bet panties were thrown up there. He made the news, for god's sake. That's how BAMF he is.

Upon regaling this story to Niko, he replied in a way right after my own heart "I want to grow up to be just like David." That boy is an inspiration, yo.

Meanwhile, Janet has this crazy (crazier than usual) idea that Jessie has a lesbian girl crush on me. Which is not true by the way Janet, you and your insane ideas. She only comments on my page because I have interesting things to say that are relevant to her interests. I'm sure she has an ulterior motive involving Ruokai or Niko. As long as she eventually sees my point of view as Ruokai <3 Niko, then we won't have a problem. For some reason, Amy thinks it would be pretty cool if I dated a girl. Yes, she actually said that. I mean, wow, was I thrown for a bender right? Jesus. Of course, I won't deny that for the barest pico of a moment I was interested all over again, but then, I just laughed sardonically at myself and went back to not paying attention in class in wry amusement. I sound like such a creepy sack of sad. Fuck.


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In which I have a birthday, get presents, fangirl, and life is good

Yeah, okay, I know I was supposed to write about Niko and I's break up, but I rather find posting about my birthday party to be a much happier venture.

Anyway, what happened on the 25th was that I basically planned for a nice get together of the peeps for some hookers and ice cream games with blow up sex dolls hammers and general bouncing around inflated castles etc etc. So, in order to celebrate my 19th birthday I decided we should all act like we'd mentally regressed a decade and acted like 9 years olds on too much sugar. Unfortunately, this dastardly plot plan never came to fruition, because once we got there, there were too many kids, and most importantly, too many Islanders. Get squashed by people who are two KFC family buckets away from tilting the world off its rotational axis? Or even worse, that they start getting their own gravity mass and develop an orbit, which will pick up the surrounding victims and basically create an asteroid belt made of little children? NO THANKS.

Thus we ditched our plans and went for some pool instead, which is always a fun and safe thing to do, Janet with a long, sharp stick notwithstanding. She tripped over her own stick, shall we say. And it was good even though I lost most games I didn't care because I had my beloved peeps with me and that's really all that ever mattered. I got some lovely presents too, like these GORGEOUS Pandora charms from Janet, Rui and Amy (in the shape of a blue turtle because they're ahem, 'slow') and one from Woon Suan, in the shape of a 'swan' because Suan = Swan and I always call her Woon Suanny (and yeah I know it makes no sense). I got this lovely necklace and matching bracelet from Michelle, and I got musical note/treble clef earrings from Amy and it's awesome because I always sign my name 'J' like a treble clef and I love music =DDD I also got this awesome wax steal stamp along with two sticks of wax from Niko and Yang-chan, and I like, totally adore it beyond measure. Niko knew I'd wanted the thing ever since I went on that trip with his parents to Whakatane, of all rural backwater places. I had to leave the thing the first time I saw it even though I wanted it LIKE BURNING because it was too expensive but they got it for me and I'm like delirious with SQUEE.

Haha and I'd said that the only presents required were hugs, but who listened?

I had an amazing trek on that day. I woke up in the morning and basically it was non-stop action from there. From getting dressed to getting to the city, and then buying a cake and then coming back, and then going to Annie's house to give her a comforting slice of Oreo cake (she couldn't come to the party because she's terribly sick and I felt awful) and then trekking with the cake all the way from my house to Fruit World. The cake had a pretty eventful journey actually, all things considered. From the city to my house to Fruit World, back to the city where we fooled around at pool then went to the Korean restaurant with the strangely Japanese picture of a rape scene in Osaka (don't ask, and no, it wasn't a typo). So when we ate it, it was all the more tastier for its holy pilgrimage and we savoured every bite.

We had awesome banter the entire day. During one particularly memorable moment, Ruokai was telling us how September was the month for supporting the fight against testicular and prostate cancer, and how we should all go for checkups. And it was either Rui or Janet that said "Yup, gonna go for mine soon." And Brandon was like, "You've got a checkup?" (slightly paraphrased, but that's the gist). OMG TEH LULZ!!1!! And Ruokai continued with Med 101 (even though he does Pharmacy) saying how a man's prostate 'balloons out' when he gets older, and here I quipped, "Does that mean it needs a prick?" XD (yes I laugh at my own jokes... )
Of course I never missed an opportunity to subtly imply (read: subtle like a brick to the forehead) that since it was my birthday, wouldn't Niko and Ruokai just indulge me...? Of course it was a resounding NO from Niko. Hmph. Spoilsport.

Oh and Amy was telling me how she thinks that Niko and I are the most amazing breakup she's ever seen haha. We're both still talking with each other and joking and hugging etc. There's also the minutest traces of flirting, but that's really just us being ourselves. Plus, it's rather overshadowed by my humongous crush on Niko+Ruokai yanno? *_* God they'd be my one real life OTP.

All in all, a wonderful way to spend one’s 19th. When Janet asked me what being 19 felt like, I said the same as being 18. This all hasn’t sunk in yet. I still feel immature retarded hurp derp derp derp derp young at heart.

Batman and Robin had just cornered the Joker when the ROFLcopter bursts in through the wall, followed by the Kool-Aid man –




Fic: Raison d'être

*noms edamame* Um... yeah. I was really stuck on a name for this... so I came up with raison d'être , which means "reason for being". >> I'm not too good with story names... >+<
I am also just a
little iffy about the ending. I may edit it eventually. But for now, for my peace of mind... I'm putting it up here...

Anyway. I will cross post this to my fanfic account, but not yet. I will also cross post this on some communities, but I don't know whether to link them to this (which has correct formatting, though it is minor) or to fanfiction. Bother.

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